Wildlands Airsoft Park

Starting March 25, Airsoft Freedom will no longer be managing the Airsoft Park. Jungle Island Airsoft will be known as WILDLANDS Airsoft Park with some new and exciting changes. First airsoft players will have the option to play on all paintball fields.

Join us for Day 1 of Wildlands
Join us March 25th for $25.00 all day, day and night game play. Lights will be on for nite play in the field.

Prize Giveaway and Six Month Passses
We'll also be giving away prizes (some of the prizes below) and six month passes will be hidden around the field.



Airsoft Packages

Self Equipped


Admission - All Day

Rental Equipment - None

BBs - None Included

Book Game

Rental Package


Admission - All Day

Rental Equipment - Airsoft Rifle and mask

BBs - 1,000 Included

Book Game

Additional Equipment

Face Mask - $5.00

Book Game



Wildlands Airsoft Park Rules

Please be sure to review our rules and safety information for all airsoft game play.


Questions about our rulles? Feel free to contact us.