Q. When is the park open?
A The gates open at 7:30 a.m. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.  The first game starts at 9:00 a.m.


Q. If I am not there at 9:00 a.m. can I still play?
A. Yes.  When you arrive please go to registration to get registered, then obtain your rental equipment and prepare to play.  When the next game begins you will begin playing at that time.  


Q. How long is each game?
A. Each game is approximately 20 minutes.  They will be on each field for a total of 2 games; 40 minutes and then take a short break.  After the short break you will move to a different field.


Q. How do I know where to go?
A. There is a PA that makes announcement throughout the day.  They will give 5 minute warnings for your group and the location where you are to meet at .  If you are not sure, just ask one of our staff members wearing a bright orange staff shirt.


Q. How long does registration take?
A. Depends on the day and the time of arrival.  You can help speed up the process by having all of your players present when you register, all the waivers filled out completely and one person making the payment at the cash register.


Q. Where can I get a waiver to fill out?
A. Waivers are at the registration office, they are on-line at under the “info” tab and they are sent electronically with your confirmation when you book on-line.  

Q. Do I have to fill out a waiver every time I play at Jungle Island?
A. Yes.  Please do not get to the cashier and tell them you have been here before.  If you do, they will ask you to step aside fill it out and return to line.  


Q. How do I make a reservation?
A. You make a reservation by going on-line to Select the activity you want to play (Paintball/Airsoft/SplatMaster).  Scroll to the package you are interested in and click on the Red Book Today button.


Q. What do I wear to play paintball?
A.  Long sleeves, pants and boots are a good choice for clothing.  (If you don't want to take the mess home with you, uniform rentals are available for $10.00).


Q. Is there food available at the park?
A. Yes. There is a snack bar (with reasonably priced items) and the park orders pizza for lunch. At registration please let the staff know if you will be ordering pizza - it is ordered in advance.  You will order and pay at registration and then at lunch time you bring your receipt and the pizza is waiting for you.


Q. When is lunch?
A. Lunch is approximately 12:00 to 12:45.  The referee and the PA will announce the lunch break and at this time the park stops briefly for lunch.  Registration and the office are always open.  


Q. What time do you close?
A. The last game and park close at 4:00 p.m.

First Time Visitor Tips

You will have lots of fun at the park and we are glad that you are coming to Jungle Island this weekend.  Things to keep in mind:

1) Registration may take a bit so be patient with us if there is a line.  

2) The park opens at 8:00 a.m. and 1st game is at 9:00 a.m.

3) If you have all your waivers filled out ahead of time, it makes things easier (they can be found on the website under the "info" tab.

4) Having 1 point person to make the payment at registration helps tremendously.  

5) Registration will ask if you are ordering pizza, be prepared to answer :)

6) Long sleeves, pants and boots are a good choice for clothing.  (If you don't want to take the mess home with you, uniform rentals are available for $10).

7) We have a snack bar and a small pro shop.

8) No BBQ grills allowed due to insurance/fire requirements

9) No ALCOHOL allowed at the park. If you do, your wristband will be cut and no more play allowed and no refund.