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Shadows of Somalia - Wildlands Airsoft Event

A helicopter has gone down near the city of Babylon w/ members of a Special Forces unit inside, and has been captured by the OPFOR controlling the area. A joint task force comprised of Seals, MARSOC, Rangers, and Delta Force, has been tasked to go in and rescue the bodies of the fallen heroes. Get the opportunity to be the first Airsofters with ability to play both sides of the park. This includes Net 1, Net 2, Net 3, Airsoft, and the main road. We will be using real military vehicles for extractions, real military NVGs will be on hand that you MAY GET A CHANCE TO USE, and we will wrap it all up with a BBQ campout. Registration opens Friday!

Registration will be on-line and is MANDATORY to participate. There will be NO DAY OF REGISTRATION. When you register for the Night Op you can play Saturday AND Sunday during the day walk-ons for $15/day (Discounted for Night OP attendees).