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Castle Field

Defend your King and castle from wildlings who have taken refuge in the church.  They have taken over the Village surrounding your Castle and have men hiding in brush around the old church.  What the wildlings don’t know is that you have the Dragon on your side and you have yet to loose a battle. 


Volcano Field

The remnants of a once thriving village remains; destroyed in a horrific war hundreds of years ago with very few survivors.  There is a T-Rex that is rumored to roam this part of the valley, true or not don’t take any chances.  Your time is running out, the volcano is rumbling so it won’t be long before it erupts and you are still searching for the wanted men last seen headed towards the volcano.


Concrete Pipes Field

A classic speedball fast pace action lots of angles.


Firebase Rancho Field

Your mission is to take out the radar station and eliminate all opposing forces.  It a tough battle because you’ll have to fight thru many gun emplacements and fortified bunkers and bomb craters.  Beware of the secret tunnel.   


Congo 2.0

Super fast pace speedball course.  More angles than any tournament field ever.  Peoples choice for speed ball course.  


Hyperball Field

Super fast pace speedball course.  More angles than any tournament field ever.  Peoples choice for speed ball course.  


City Field

Crouching between the homes in this densely populated city you have no choice but to clear rooms house to house and be prepared to fight.  Your way is blocked by bombed out buildings and burned and abandoned cars and buses.  Be careful, the enemy could be around any corner. 


Guns of Normandy Field

The enemy is hiding silently waiting for troops to land and ambush them.  You and your team must get to the gun emplacement’s before they fire on the unsuspecting troops arriving in a few short minutes.  Use must use the trenches and bomb craters to fight your way up the hill.


Deadwood Field


Somalia Field

Your helicopter just crashed in the middle of a worn torn city in enemy territory and help is several hours away.  You'll have to fight your way to the other side in order to reach your rendezvou point.  All you have for cover are scattered cars, run down buildings and bomb craters.  Good luck. 


Outback Field

Looking for the bad guys in this rough rocky terrain in Afghanistan is going to be tough.  To make matters worse, your supply plane just crashed so now you're on a rescue mission to find any survivors before the bad guys do.  Will your team make it to the top of the hill first or will you be too late...


Recon Ruins Field